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Finally The Truth About Auto Repair

Finally honest, straight to the point auto repair advice in a language you can understand, that gives answers to your car questions. This is not "how-to" but rather "how-not-to" information. Stop over-paying your auto mechanic, and I bet you are right now!

Don't trust your auto mechanic? Think they might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Need answers to your auto repair questions? It is usually what the customer (YOU) says that can cause them to get taken advantage of. Learn how to protect yourself with this straight to the point, and easy to follow auto repair advice manual..designed for the car OWNER..

My popular eBook What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know is a must-have for ALL car owners. It is filled with valuable information, tricks of the trade, and real life scenarios taken from MY customers who said too much, did too little and found themselves in a pickle. You can probably relate to at least one of my stories already.

Read my Ebook before you take your car in for its next service!
Save $1000's on auto repair!

What's New

Not real sure what a PCV valve or a CV boot looks like?  New pictures with explanations in our Auto Parts Picture Gallery

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Teen car insurance How you can reduce your rate. I get asked twice a day," how can I get cheap teen car insurance. "

Should you buy a used car? Now?

Where can I find good Car insurance Dallas that is cheap? Florida No Fault Insurance  | Non Owner Insurance

Why does my car die at idle? I need sports car insurance!

• Our auto repair newsletter tops 20,000 subscribers.  Are you on the list? Newsletter Sign Up

• Join our forum board for answers to your car repair questions. Car Forum

"Hot Articles" - Why is my car overheating?   Help me deal with an Auto Insurance Adjuster!, How to Find a Auto Repair Shop , Run Your Car On Water

• Yes, there really is a Low cost car insurance company in your area.

•Why 10 minutes can easily pay for a Caribbean cruise vacation. Online Auto Insurance quote  

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• I have an automatic transmission repair problem. Should I get an overhaul or rebuilt transmission?

Compare low rate auto loans online

car repair advice
Buy Tires Online! - When do you know you really need a front end alignment, and what are the symptoms of out of alignment problems? If you need new tires, buy them online and have them shipped directly to your mechanic.

automobile repair

For the Do-It-Your-Self'er Do you like to work on your own car? Do you like to save money on car repairs that you can do yourself? You probably know you really can't do to much to today's vehicles with out the proper Online auto repair manuals, wiring diagrams and charts, technical service bulletins, computer code definitions and illustrations....and all that is costly in itself.

online repair manual

Cheap Car Insurance Company This is not your typical Internet Hype. This is hands down the cheapest car insurance I have been able to find on the net today. Online quotes are free and there are no obligations to buy anything. Compare your current car insurance rate today.

Maintenance Schedules 
Check out our free maintenance recommendation schedules to help keep your vehicle in tip top shape.  Automotive Maintenance schedules. Print theses out and take them to your mechanic.

buying a used car
Everything about Motor OilI get tons of questions about the use of synthetic motor oil versus regular motor oil, which brands to use, what weight oil, how often should you change the oil etc.  Get all the answers, and a free download of the popular ebook The Motor Oil Bible Ebook
auto repair advice
Why is my check engine light is on! - Do you know how many times a day I hear that? A few simple things you can do to help out your mechanic, save money on the repair cost and save yourself a lot of frustration.Get online auto repair advice and manuals to repair your car yourself! auto repair
Should I tell my mechanic to keep all of my old parts so I know that the parts actually got replaced?
Think you know the answer....I bet you are wrong! 

auto mechanic
Do your brakes squeal and make noise? Brake Noise   Does your car shake when you apply the brakes?  Brake Vibration - Break seal leak? radiator flush

Do you flush your car radiator? Sometimes it is best to leave things alone...see why what you could be doing to your car could cause trouble. Radiator Flush

motor oil

Oil Leaks! Does your vehicle leak oil?  Is your mechanic having a hard time stopping your oil leak?
Engine Oil Leaks   "I have a leaky rear main bearing seal...what is it???"

oil leaks
Need Help Finding a Repair Shop? Get Better Prices from your mechanic!  What Parts SHOULD you buy from a junk yard? Do you really need to flush your brake fluid?

oil leaks
Do you really know everything you SHOULD know about a car lease?  Those sneaky TV commercials make car leasing sound easy, but it is anything but easy! Do you have a fast car? Could you use some great muscle car insurance don't let high car insurance rates get in the way of your fun!

My Latest Blog Posts

Coolant Leak – How To Find a Coolant Leak?
Is your car engine overheating? Are you losing coolant on a regular basis and having to constantly refill the radiator or the overflow reservoir?  First thing you need to do is get a cooling system pressure test to help you locate the coolant leak…unless it is obvious with the naked eye. A cooling system pressure […]

Kit Scratch Out – Car Wax Scratch Remover
I get a lot of email questions asking about car wax and scratch remover products so I decided to make a video of one of the products you might want to try yourself and see if you get as good of results as I did. The product is called Scratch Out, made by Kit and […]

Nissan Pathfinder Oil Leak
My mechanic estimates $600 to repair valve cover gaskets–he thinks the smoke and oil smell coming from engine for past few months is due to slow oil leak. He has to do a free diagnostic, but that’s his price if he’s right about what’s needed. We are original owners of a 1998 Pathfinder SE V6 […]

Why Does My Car Shake On The Freeway?
So I got this small problem with my car Austin, and I am hoping you can help me figure it out.  When I am driving on the freeway say about 60 MPH the steering wheel starts to shake back and forth and I get this vibration in my seat.  It only seems to happen about […]

My Truck Will Not Start – Battery Dead
Hi we purchased a Ford Explorer on Feb 8, 2014… on the first day we brought it home parked it then went to go out it wouldn’t start, after getting a boost we took it back to the dealer. He replaced the alternator so we took it back home and it wouldn’t start again, so […]

Warped Brake Rotors? Why is This Happening?
So let me guess, you step on the brake pedal in your car and the steering wheel starts to shake back and forth….and it gets worse the faster you go like on the freeway?  I hear ya loud and clear and the problem you have is most likely to do with the front brake rotors […]

CRC Brakleen – My Review and Recommendation
I love it when I stir up a little controversy on the Internet, and it seems a Youtube video I posted a while back is doing just that. I titled the video “Don’t steam clean your engine, do this instead” and people just bashed me for saying that an engine does not care one way […]


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