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1956 Ford Truck Series

Come the year 1956, Ford’s somewhat singular focus on cars changed in a marginal degree. In order to match Chevrolet’s redesigned trucks that came out in 1955, Ford made attempts in modernizing its own truck series, which included the following models: Big Job cab-forwards, F-100 pickup truck, F-100 panel truck, and other the heavy-duty conventional designs. The most notable changes incorporated on the 1956 Ford truck series were the new grille, windshields and engines. To learn more about these alterations, read the information below.

On several models included in the 1956 Ford truck series, a fresher look was provided by the wraparound or full wrap windshields incorporated in them. Said additions increased the trucks’ field of vision for they extended over the posts of the doors. Apart from that, the dashboards were restyled to give the vehicles a more modern appearance.  The grilles of the trucks also got their usual annual update, the look of which was said to be similar to Ford’s truck models in 1993. The third noteworthy change made to the 1956 Ford truck series was the larger V-8 engine, which was 272 cubic inch in size and offered 167 horsepower. There was also an available 302 cubic inch of such engine that Ford used in its heavy duty trucks (e.g. F-750 Stake Bed).

Other changes made to the 1956 Ford truck series are the following: a12 volt electrical system instead of 6, electric motor windshield wipers, a lifeguard steering wheel, optional seatbelts, new door latches and a lot more.


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