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1989 Chevy Corvette Dies at Idle When Clutch Pedal is Depressed

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I have an 1989 Chevy Corvette, 6 speed, with 16,000 miles. Recently when I drive the car and after it is warmth up (the coolant is 180 degrees), the car will stall and the rpms drop to zero in a hurry when I put the clutch in.

The only way to keep it going at a stop is to rev the engine to 15 rpms. The car rarely gives any trouble when first starting. Area shade tree mechanics have suggested EGR valve, the computer chip, and 160 degree thermostat. Tell me what to do.

Thanks Terry

Hey Terry,


If the engine dies at idle in neutral and while coasting and when your foot is NOT depressing the clutch…then you might have an engine idle problem, and I would start by cleaning your Throttle Body bore….assuming this is a TBI engine, which I am assuming it is.

If the engine idles just fine at neutral, while coasting and only dies when you depress the clutch, you might have a problem with the clutch pressure plate. In that case, the transmission has to come out of the vehicle and you will essentially replace the clutch. I have seen similar issues with pressure plates…although rare.

Try to rule out the simple stuff first, like a dirty throttle body or a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere. I would also suggest you find a mechanic who is capable of working on Vette’s, since they are a different animal.


Austin Davis

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