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1996 Chevy Blazer Instrument Cluster Not Working – Blows Fuse

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I have a 96 Chevy Blazer and my instrument cluster is not working. I jump started a vehicle and then a few days later my gauges stopped working. I changed the fuse for my gauges and it keeps popping.I had my dry cell battery tested and they said it needed to be replaced.

I believe that I have a short in my eletrical system; so how can I find out what is doing this. If I took it to the shop how much on average am I looking at to get this problem fixed? Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks for your time in advance.


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I checked my manuals for what other components are on the same fuse block as the instrument cluster and I was surprised at how many other items are using the same fuse other than the cluster. I would unplug and remove the cluster from the vehicle…its pretty quick and easy to do and see if the fuse still continues to blow with the cluster removed and unplugged.

If it does blow… got problems elsewhere. If the fuse does not blow you probably have a problem with the cluster itself. I did not check to see if there is a fuse BEHIND the cluster….there probably is, so look carefully.

If you think the problem is in the cluster, it might be more cost effective to buy a used cluster from a junk yard than to pay a mechanic to troubleshoot and repair your cluster.


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