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1997 Cadillac Catera Antifreeze Leaking Under The Hood Somewhere?

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I have a 97′ cadillac catera that is making a hissing sound near the engine and there is steam coming from under hood near or from the engine. Also my anti-freeze is leaking profusely from under the car near the middle near the the tranny fluid resovir. Do you know what the problem maybe?

Hey there

Sounds like you have a coolant leak alright. If you don’t see the exact leak, I would suggest you get a “cooling system pressure test” to determine where the leak is coming from. It could be something as simple as a hole in a radiator or heater hose, or something more complex like a radiator or water pump leak.

DO NOT add any type of coolant sealer or stop leak…those products will NOT help in this situation and can make things worse. The coolant test is cheap and easy and just about any mechanic or fast lube place can do it for you while you wait. DO NOT let this engine overheat…it is very expensive!


Austin Davis

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