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2000 Chevy Van Speedometer Not Working Transmission Wont Shift

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I currently own a 2000 Chevy full size van that started giving me some problems. For starters, my speedometer stopped working. When that happened, it seemed that whenever I approach roughly 30-35 mph the van wants to shift but won’t and it feels like it may stall out. My battery has been living the short life lately.

We’ve already replaced the air filter, fuel filter, epr valve, some sensor, and none of these things have worked or even helped. Do you have any opinion on what might be causing my van malfunctions? Any suggestion would be wonderfully appreciated.


Hi there,

I would first take a look at your vehicle speed

sensor located towards the back of the transmission…and should have a two wire connector. If you want to take a wild guess….then buy the sensor and replace it, but remember this is just my off the top of my head guess.


Austin Davis

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