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2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Radio And A/C Problem

Here’s my Question,

My 2003 Grand Prix radio reception stopped working, can only get local stations, then my cd sounded unbalanced, would not eject the cd, but one day it just popped out.

I could hear the cd player spinning sometimes with nothing in it, that has ceased, then my ac would hesitate to start, now my AC only works on high and will only come on at start up, any attempt to change settings shuts it down. Sometimes it doesn’t come on when the car is started but will come on much later.

The relay and the switch has been changed, but didn’t help. The radio, CD, & AC are on the same panel, could it all be related?




Hey there Jeannie

Hummmmmm, this is a hard question….I have a feeling you have two separate issues going on here unfortunately.

The radio/cd player probably has an internal problem, and a car radio shop will need to remove it and repair it…….BUT you can probably buy a used identical radio/cd player from a junk yard in your area cheaper than repairing yours.

We don’t repair radios in my shop…so I am not really sure what else to tell you to do with it, most repair shops would not attempt to repair this radio and even some dealerships send these radios to an outside source for repair.

On the A/C issue I am assuming when you say your A/C only works on high you are talking about the blower fan only blowing on high speed, and that the air coming out of the vents is in fact COLD. If this is what is happening, I would ask your mechanic to see if your vehicle is equipped with a A/C blower fan resister or high speed relay.

When the resister goes bad only the high blower fan speed will work. This resister is located inside the dashboard so ask the parts department guys to give you a print out of the location if you plan to replace this part yourself. I am pretty sure you can only buy this part from a GM dealer as well.

Most Japanese vehicles use a resister, and some GM vehicles do as well…if your mechanic is in doubt, call the parts department of your local dealership and ask them, or tell them your problem and see what they have to offer. The parts department guys know what parts sell/break most and they can be very valuable when you are considering guessing at replacing a certain part.

If your particular vehicle does not have a blower resister, then you probably have a high speed blower relay problem or a problem with the ignition switch or ignition switch connection. Both of those other suggestions are a little more complicated and will require some test equipment and knowledge of mechanics.


Austin Davis

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