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2005 Chevy Monte Carlo Check Engine Light On

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Had a shop replace the spark plugs in 2005 Monte Carlo. Two days later the check engine light came on and was running rough, they checked it out and found they had put the wrong plugs in.

They put the old plugs in but the check engine light still would not go out, their computer said it was the number 4 plug wire and the number 1 plug. I just took the car into the dealership and they told me that it was the number 4 and number 1 injectors clogged.

My question is: Is it possible that the first shop messed something up that caused the injectors to go bad? This was not a problem prior to them working on my car.

Thank you



Hello Tina,

I dont think the first shop is to blame, but I do find it unusual that you have two clogged injectors….that is rare, at least in my high volume repair shop. I would have guessed you had a spark plug or spark plug problem, but not a clogged injector problem.

You can have your injectors cleaned….and hopefully if the dealership is correct with their diagnosis you wont need to have anything else done. You might want to ask the dealership to replace your fuel filter as well just as preventive maintenance.


Austin Davis

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