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Acura TL 30,000 Maintenance Service Schedule

Reader Question

Hi Austin!

I have an 2006 Acura TL with 31k miles.

I have an A12 maintenance minder, which i guess is for 30k miles.
A couple of questions.

It says replace air cleaner element and dust and pollen filter (for maint minder 2).
I went to a shop, told them to replace those, and they changed the “cabin air filter”. Is that the same thing?

They tried to sell me 30k service package, which included trans fluid flush, radiation flush, system tune-up, but i declined all those. They also indicated air filter change, which i declined as well.

But, when should the engine air filter be changed? I was running through the list of service items in the owner’s manual but i haven’t seen when to do this.



Hi there,

Thanks for your email and for checking your insurance rate, hope you were able to beat your current rate.

The dust and pollen filter….to the best of my knowledge should be the same as the interior A/C cabin air filter. I would probably assume that your engine air filter is due for a change at this mileage interval, most of my customers would be. You can buy the filter yourself at the local auto parts store and install it yourself….or I bet the guy at the auto parts store would install it for you free of charge.

What should be considered for a 30K check out? Great question….there are a few things I would look at and might recommend you consider if you were at my shop.


  1. Rotate and balance the tires
  2. Inspect the brakes – should be free if you rotate the tires since the tires are already removed from the vehicle
  3. Change/inspect air filter
  4. Service transmission fluid and filter…although your vehicle should just require draining the old transmission fluid out and installing new fluid which any fast lube place can do for you if you don’t want to hassle with the dealership for this.
  5. Inspect and clean battery cables
  6. Depending on the wear and tear on your tires I would also recommend a front end alignment. Living in Houston just about any car on the pot holed roads here could use a front end alignment every 30K or so. You can be “out of alignment” and not have any symptoms like steering wheel pulling or vibration or shaking, so a good rule of thumb (my thumb) is to just get an alignment every so often just to stay on top of things and get the most mileage out of your tires.

I made a very generic maintenance list myself on my other site, this is the 30K schedule I would use along with your owners manual list.

30,000 Maintenance Schedule


Austin Davis

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