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2006 Dodge SLT Truck A/C Not Blowing Enough Air Out Vents

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I own a 2006 Dodge Slt 4×4 Megacab pickup truck, and am having an AC issue. My AC is cooling ok however from what i can tell there is a flap held up by a spring that allows the air to blow thru the vents.

This flap has either broke or the pin and or spring has gave out. Does this sound logical? If so can you better tell me what this part may be called and where I can get it. The air is blowing barely out of my vents even on HI and in South Texas this ain’t gonna fly. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Sincere Thanks!




Hello Jennfier,

Yes there is an A/C diverter blend door inside your dash that directs the air to the desired location as you tell the system to do so from your dash controls….I.E. defrost selection to defrost ducts on top of dash. This can be tricky to diagnose though. Yes, I have seen issues with the blend door motor itself going bad, and I have seen a pencil fall into the dash and block the blend door operation as well.


BUT, the system is controlled by the dash control head, so you really need to check the control head first to make sure it is sending the proper signal to the blend door motor, then check the blend door motor operation to see if is getting the signal from the control head and make sure the action of the blend door is not restricted. I would also make sure the blower motor is working properly and is creating enough air volume.

This repair is probably best left to the experts….taking the dash apart can be tricky if you have not done so before.



Austin Davis

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