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2007 Acura MDX review with picture


It’s obvious that with Acura’s 2007 MDX it is finally coming into its own style in its 21st year of business. The MDX is smooth, hot, and fast and embarks on Acura’s new theme in its own special way. When the MDX first came out in 2001, it was hailed as wonderful, Acura’s first new SUV that outstripped others in its class. As the years have passed and the rules of the game have changed, though, Acura has had to fix the MDX for the new fast lane, and they did so well.

Acura’s special weapon that brings the MDX ahead of other vehicles in its class is Super Handling All Wheel Drive, a device of its own invention that allows for power to be shifted between the left rear and right rear wheels as well as just the front in the year. It’s felt in the magnificent way that the MDX is able to make turns, and you have little to worry about when it comes to skidding in this vehicle.

But the Super Handling All Wheel Drive is not an unassisted accomplishment. It brings with it a set of wheels that are 1.5 inches wider than the last MDX release, electronically adjustable shocks, and a stabilizer bar in the rear to complement the one up front. With all of these features, the MDX can’t be anything but a beautiful drive, as well as a safe and an exciting one.

The Acura tends to have flighty steering, but this year’s MDX brings a little more strength to it. For those on the weaker end, this could mean a little too much struggle pulling out of a parking spot, but overall it is an improving heft. You’ll still be aided much by the rearview panoramic camera.

The gas responds quickly and easily, and the brakes are competent, albeit not perfect. Regardless of how many people packed into it, the MDX’s interior is impermeable to the bumps and jumps on the road. There is one annoying problem that comes up when taking it out for a ride, and that is the noise. If you come across the wrong kind of terrain, you’re likely to be affronted by some deafening noise that makes conversation impossible. There’s no excuse for this in a day and age when most cars have figured out a way to be quiet as lambs, but the MDX apparently has not followed suit.

The gas mileage is bad as well, at 17 city mpg and 22 on the highway, and that’s just barely. Not only does it waste gas quickly, but it won’t take just any kind of fuel to pump it back up. You’re going to need a high grade kind of gas to power this beast, or the engine will start acting up.

So, as can be seen, the MDX has a range of possibility but room for improvement that might scare away the average buyer. Considering how far Acura has lept this year, though, it’s not too optimistic to think that the problems could be solved in the 2008 release.


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