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2007 Bentley Azure review with picture

The 2007 Bentley Azure has something about it. I’m not sure what exactly that something is, and I’m not really sure I want to know, either, but the something is there. It has its own, particular shape and style that you won’t find other makes and models mimicking, and probably with good reason. To look at it, it’s obvious that this car is only popular because it is a sign of how much the person driving it had to buy to get behind the wheel. I honestly cannot see any other reason to allow this travesty to continue on the road. Besides being just plain ugly on the outside, its inner beauty doesn’t measure up to its competitors either, with a disappointing interior and a difficult drive.

One of the good things about it is that it puts a kick in its ability to accelerate, and can speed off after the light turns green a lot faster than many other cars. Although I, personally, do not see its appeal, it’s true that its design is pretty original, if that’s what you want to call it. And, although the design of the interior isn’t well done, it does have some pretty trappings. On the other hand, for such a small vehicle it swallows the gas like a lion, and it costs way too much, and besides that it’s a complete mystery due to badly thought out controls.

The 2007 Bentley Azure comes in a body style of convertible, with four seats, and only the one trim level. It comes standard with a power cloth top, which shows that despite it’s price it is still behind the times, when cheaper convertibles have moved to the more protective metal roofs. It also comes with a steering wheel with three position memory, and climate control, and a six disc CD changer.


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