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2007 BMW 7 Series Review and Pictures

2007 BMW 7 Series is a five-seater luxury sedan or sports sedan. It is available in five trim levels ranging from 750i Sedan to 760Li Sedan.

MSRP: US$75,800-US$122,600
Invoice: US$69,735-US$112,790

What is New in 2007 BMW 7 Series?
Few additions to 2007 BMW 7 Series include power-folding exterior rearview mirrors, auxiliary input jacks for iPods or MP3 players, and heated front seats for greater comfort.

Picture 1: 2007 BMW 7 Series (front view)

Picture 2: 2007 BMW 7 Series (side view)

2007 BMW 7 Series has a standard 6.0-liter 438-horsepower engine. This can achieve 25-mpg on highway and 17-mpg in city.

Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options
2007 BMW 7 Series is available in choices of V12 and V8 engines. 750Li has six inches more space between wheels than 750i. This produces proportionate extra legroom in the rear seats.

Powertrains and Performance
2007 BMW 7 Series models have six-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, perfectly-tuned stability control systems are in complete synchronization with advanced suspension controls.

Interior Design and Special Features
2007 BMW 7 Series presents luxurious interiors with complete iDrive system. Front seats offer twenty adjustments. Dual-zone temperature and airflow adjustment with humidity control makes interiors comfortable.

Safety Features
Safety measures at 2007 BMW 7 Series include head-protecting tubular side air bags, front side airbags, BMW Assist emergency/concierge service, steering-linked headlights, and front/rear obstacle detection.

Driving Impressions
2007 BMW 7 Series presents perfect combination of braking, acceleration, riding pleasure, and handling. It provides an utmost driving experience.

Royal interiors and high technology

Confusing iDrive adjustments

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