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2007 Chevrolet Colorado

If you look at the Chevrolet Colorado’s list of accomplishments, it definitely looks like it has something going for it in the realm of competition. It’s a lovely looking 2007 model truck, and you want to believe it, too. However, in real life, it just doesn’t add up. Compared to other trucks on the market, the Chevrolet Colorado can’t catch up with makers like Nissan and Dodge, and it comes short on aspects like performance, comfort, and fit and finish.

It does well on handling, though, very competent, regardless of whether you’re driving on the road or off, and it also performed very well on government car crash tests in both the side impact and frontal impact categories. Its engine is powerful, but not very, especially if you hold it up to other trucks of its size and price range. Its not built of the best things and not designed particularly well, and it also doesn’t have a very high towing capacity.

New in 2007 are extra power since the last release, with an increase in size for the inline four cylinder and the inline five cylinder. For the four cylinder engine, that’s an extra ten horsepower total, and the five cylinder engine gets a whole twenty two horsepower, bringing it up to two hundred forty two hp total. New this year coming standard, two, is a tire pressure monitoring system for all trim levels.


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