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2007 Chevrolet Express review with picture

If you want a fifteen passenger van, you probably won’t like the looks of the ones they have out there. Full sized vans are behind the times, and as a group have failed to catch up with the styling accomplishments of the modern age. The 2007 Chevrolet Express slightly brakes this rule, bringing at least a little bit of design to this segment of the auto industry. Unlike other large vans like itself, it looks like it actually came from some time today instead of a junkyard in the eighties.

Its powertrains push the acceleration forward and have some strength, and there are passenger doors on both sides so there’s no frustration having to walk around and climb across seats. There are more than one configuration for the wheelbase and passenger. And, there’s also the chance for all wheel drive, if you’re willing to pay extra, and I suggest that you do. On the downside, the plastics used for the interior are cheap and flimsy, easy to break or otherwise mar. Although the outside looks better than other full vans, on the inside it’s the same old thing. And electronic stability control, a very necessary safety feature, doesn’t come with all levels.

New in 2007 is the 5.3 liter V8 engine which jumps in to replace the old V6 engine, and is standard for the 1500 level. The old 2500 3/4 ton level is no more.


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