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2007 Chevrolet Tahoe with review and picture


Chevrolet has a lot to say with the release of its 2007 Tahoe, which has been revamped and updated for 2007, with features added, the body strengthened, and an even better fuel economy than the last generation. Chevy can brag that this is the very first SUV of its kind to fall under 20 miles per gallon, and that is definitely something to brag about, especially when many cars of its side can barely score thirty, and much smaller cars are hovering in the same zone. The Tahoe, in its new form and its old ones, is a full sports utility vehicle that is flexible in all weather conditions, and is great for those who want a combination of strength, comfort, and function.

Comfort is one of the main things, with available seating for up to nine passengers in up to three rows, all of which can be used by adults, although the third row doesn’t provide quite as much room as an adult passenger would like. Not only that, but the rows are removeable and foldable, which means that the already large cargo area can be converted into an even larger amount of space. When the second row is folded, it has 108 feet of storage space. And, powered by not one but two V8 engines, it can tow almost eight thousand pounds.

How does it do so good on gas while packing such a punch? General Motors has come out with a new kind of technology, called Displacement on Demand which helps increase the fuel economy. It involves a switch between two and four cylinders, depending on what is preferable at the time, but the switch can’t be felt when driving.

This version of the Tahoe has changed its shape enough to make it more aerodynamic, so that it can pump higher speeds and also so that the wind just slips over it. This decreases the noise from wind by a whole 20% from the old Tahoe. With the inside area as comfortable as it is, and such standard safety features as side airbags, the new Tahoe boasts a streamlined form and a better outlook in 2007.


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