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2007 Ford Taurus review and picture

The Ford Taurus has been out of sight for a little bit, but in 2008 it rise from the ashes all new and redesigned for the new model year. It’s updated with a better performance engine in the V6 with 263 horsepower, and in addition to that it brings all of the aspects that made its former personage such a great pick among cars of its class. With its roomy interior and high safety crash test scores, this car is a full sized sedan not to be messed with.

The backseat is especially spacious, making it comfortable for adults as well as children. Heck, even the trunk is roomy enough to be spacious enough for adults, although I don’t suggest you put any in there. It rated amongst the best on crash test results and has great visibility, making the driving experience a safer one. It also handles well and is very balanced, and if you want, you can make it even safer in harsher conditions by picking the option for the all wheel drive. The sound system choices, though, are lacking and many similar sedans pull that option off much better.

The Ford Taurus benefits from its rebirth in 2008 by following the new Ford Five Hundred onto the showroom floor. Added are the new V6 engine, a more silent ride experience and a more meticulously designed cabin. The best add ons have to be a redesigned suspension ability and a three bar grille.


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