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2007 GMC Yukon review and picture


Ever since 1992 when GMC first came out with this new form, the Yukon and its ilk cannot be stopped. With the climb of gas prices, engines that churn through gas like Bugs Bunny through a carrot just aren’t fashionable anymore. Nobody brags by saying, “I had to fill my tank three times today! Roar!” It’s more of a roar of distress. You’d think, then, that companies that produce gas-guzzlers like GMC does will have since sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but with the release of this year’s Yukon, they prove that they’re still in the game.

The 2007 Yukon has a soft, comfortable feel and drives like a car, with an utter lack of vibrations and such noises. Now it does have a firmer approach when it comes to steering, and the wheel is responsive and smooth. The brakes have been exchanged for something quite a bit more confident, and this almost 6,000 pound beast has become something to reckon with for those who like utes.

Even though this vehicle has a lot of pluses, the gas mileage still needs to be considered. $70 for every 300 miles is a very real look into the future, with a 16 mpg highway run and a mere 9 mpg city run. The needle plummets when the vehicle is taken downhill.

But its performance equals its mileage, and that’s saying something. With great handling and fierce tires that can rough the terrain, this auto also includes an interior that can stand the test of time. So, if you can handle the rising gas prices, what are you waiting for?


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