2007 GMC Yukon

Since 1992, the Yukon has been hurtling down the road to the future, unable to be stopped by the competition. These enormous sports utility vehicles were just the kind that Americans wanted. Big, family friendly, ready for the outdoors, and packing. The sales figures were off the charts and, GMC just kept on raking in the dough. Then gas prices began to rise, and all that stopped. The GMC Yukon no longer seemed like the best idea. Sales plummetted, and the Yukon was mostly forgotten. The GMC planners had to go back to the drawing room and think again. And they did think. In 2007, the GMC Yukon comes overhauled in a way that you shouldn’t miss.

Forgetting the old, tougher ways of the old times, the Yukon is upgrading and joining the flock of other big SUVs. In place of its older torsion bars it has coil over suspension, and getting rid of the recirculating ball, it adds rack-and-pinion steering. All of this is a big aid for the big three of the ride, the handling, and the vibration. With these changes, the Yukon has moved down the line like other SUVs to a more car-like ride. It’s more flexible it doesn’t take it so hard on the speed bumps. Not to mention, the steering wheel now responds to the lightest touch and it turns well.

The brakes have improved wildly, with a new firm pedal that allows for a nice, swift journey to the floor. With AutoRide suspension, it cuts down on rear movement and makes the drive a bit more comfortable. For the most part, the outside noise is diminished up until you get to the really high speeds. So if you’re on the highway, don’t expect a quiet drive.

The one thing that the Yukon did not improve on is the gas mileage, which is still hideously bad. With a $70 fill up, you better be ready to pay up when you go and purchase this SUV, because it doesn’t run very far with that money. Going downhill sends the arrow running towards E like a magnet. On the highway it has 16 miles per gallon, and in the city it pulls barely ten.


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