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2007 Honda S2000 review and picture


This roadster has a look about it that is a thing of the past. It’s not all bad in terms of design, but the fact is that since the Honda S2000 has been around, there haven’t been many changes in style to catch up with other cars in its class. It’s fun to drive, and for many people may be considered a great choice for a car, but it is lacking in many ways. One of them is features, of which it has a poor selection. Many compromises have to be made to purchase this roadster and be moderately satisfied with it.

One of the great things about it is its chassis, which is quick and nimble, adding definition to the engine that likes to accelerate. It’s easy to quench a need for speed in this roadster. The design is old fashioned in terms of its class, but it is refreshingly simple all the same. For such a kind of car, the Honda S2000 is astoundingly cheap.

Still, it does come with plenty of features, but not the newer updates that drivers really want. When you hold it up to its rivals, it fails in almost every way, although it may be satisfying independently. The engine, although ready to run, doesn’t have a good amount of low end torque to really keep it going. And if you get to accelerating very quickly, the engine makes some unpleasant noise which might make you think something is wrong with it, but it’s just the car.


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