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2007 Infiniti FX45 review and picture


In the luxury sports utility vehicle class, the 2007 Infiniti FX45 is a great value, going past the main standard of luxury SUVs for just plain competence to more power and strength. It can weather any kind of weather, and is a very durable model, making it a great choice for people who tend to take long trips or be a little rough on their cars. This fast, comfortable SUV has the style to take on its rivals and succeed every time.

If you opt for the engine choice of the V8 engine, you’ll find above average accelaration powers, although even with the other engine options they are still competent. Like many SUVs from Infiniti, it handles like a sedan instead of like such a big car, and makes it easy to take hard roads. It is shaped in a unique way and its body is built in such a style that it will catch the eye of many a buyer. Adding to the comfort, the seats are as soft as a bed.

Like its sibling, the Infiniti FX35, it rides a little stiffly and that might be enough to put many buyers off, but the good qualities far outnumber the poor qualities, which also include the lack of a third row seat, both standard and as an option, and the inability to achieve good visibility through the front windshield for shorter drivers. Also on the negative side is the lack of cargo space which makes outdoorsing somewhat difficult to achieve.


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