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2007 Jaguar S Type review and picture


When it first came out, the Jaguar S Type model was the top of the line. It wowed buyers and reviewers and other industry types and sold well, speeding far in front of its rivals. However, time has passed and the S Type has not much changed, and the 2007 Jaguar S Type finds itself left being, with the new release of a class of competitors that can drive faster, look better, and provide more comfort than its outdated abilities.

Still, looking at it separately from the competition, it does offer a very comfortable and enjoyable ride, with a great chance at a V8 engine with quick acceleration abilities to speed up your ride. It looks good, although its design is not as original as it was at first, but its sharp appearance make it a great choice for body design admirers. It’s not as famous in its division of the auto industry, so you can take this pro however you like it, good or bad: if you buy a Jaguar S Type, you can be pretty sure you’ll be the only one you know who has one!

This is the last year for the midlevel sedan that is the Jaguar S Type, and so it’s no suprise that not too many changes were made. There are still several failings in the option of the cheap Ford V6 engine and the interior designs, but a few additions and changes have been accomplished. It’s gone up to eighteen inch wheels if you get the trim levels with the V6 or V8, and if you get the R you’ll find a revitalized bumper style and nineteen inch wheels.


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