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2007 Jeep Compass Review and Picture

It seems that with every new truck or SUV model that comes out, they are becoming more rounded and car-like. In fact, in reviews you’ll often find a truck with a description of its car-like cab or car-like driving, as though that is a compliment.

And in fact, there are a lot of people who do prefer their utility vehicles to be just like cars. But then there are those who, when they buy a truck or an SUV, they want something true to its name, that drives like what it’s called. And that’s what Jeeps are.

Until recently. Jeep, too, has been giving its vehicles more car-like qualities, following the trends. Even so, the Jeep Compass is all original.


Despite its looks, the Compass is remarkably light, weighing in at a mere 3,329, which is quite a fear for a four-wheel drive vehicle. All the same, it has its downfalls. The shocks allow for the bumpers to literally bump the ground almost every time you hit the gas or brakes, and it doesn’t turn with the ease that you would expect.

Despite being equipped with anti-lock and other brake features, the brakes are too loose and the Compass slows and stops in time, but not in enough to be preferred. The engine makes some noise when taking up the speed, but it’s still a good one, being vibration free with 175 hp. Still, the minuscule tank needs to be filled every 240 miles.

The Compass is a nice car, to tell the truth, but it has many drawbacks that prove it is an experiment in Jeep’s transition to be more like the other makers.


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