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2007 Lexus GS 450h review and picture


There are a few compromises that come with getting the 2007 GS 450h, but they are mostly insignificant. This sport sedan offers something new with its all new hybrid composure. It’s looking at the market in a different way, and ready to offer challenges to vehicles that have been staples for years. Even with its improved fuel efficiency, which matches that of a family sedan, much less than its sporty rivals, the Lexus GS 450h does not back down when it comes to things important to its subsection of the auto industry, like performance, style, and class.

It is actually the very first of the sport sedan class to be offered as a hybrid in the United States, making it an obvious option for people who want an environmental choice for a sports car. With 340 horsepower on its V8 engine, it gets the gas of a mere V6 engine.

There’s a whole lot of good to say about the Lexus GS 350h (the h stands for hybrid), but I’ll keep it short, because I’m sure you’ll be wanting to jump out of your chair to go get one.

  • amazing performance
  • hybrid ability that you barely notice, except for the fact that you have more money now
  • silent like a fox
  • built with the best of materials in the best of ways
  • agile handling

However, there are still some bad things about the Lexus GS 350h, but not many.

  • tiny, tiny trunk
  • reflective surfaces impedes visibility
  • controls positioned in weird places


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