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2007 Lincoln Mark LT


The Lincoln proves the power of its name with the release of the 2007 Lincoln Mark LT. It may look like a Lincoln and cost like a Lincoln, but it walks and sounds like a Ford F-150. The only difference is that it costs a whole lot more, too much to even consider. There’s no reason for the huge difference in price of these tw brothers, other than that one is offered by Lincoln.

In the new model year, the Lincoln Mark LT offers several additions and changes on its 2007 model. It is still too plasticky to look as good as it possibly could, and it lacks several safety features that should come standard, but it adds:

  • monochromatic appearance package
  • twenty inch wheels
  • dual power folding outside mirrors

Several things have also been changed for the new model year, including improved grille and headlights.


Fashun Guadarrama.

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