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2007 Lotus Elise review and picture


It’s obvious from its appearances that the 2007 Lotus Elise is not a vehicle made for a casual driving experience. It isn’t fit to store groceries or children, to deliver pizza or to drive cross country. The Lotus Elise is pure roadster, and while it may not be comfortable and might not be the most useful car out there, it is excellent in what it is really supposed to do–roll. In order to really enjoy this car, you have to understand that and be ready to push through it, because the Elise is an expert in its field, having all of its quality focused on one aspect and little attention to others.

There are several things about the 2007 Lotus Elise that will make drivers who are into this sort of car go wild, and they make for a unique driving experience.

  • extremely light chassis
  • free steering
  • acts like a racecar without costing the same
  • not seen too often on the road
  • good on gas, by comparison

Still, there are a few drawbacks to this flashy wonder. Some of them are real concerns, although considering that most people who buy a car like the Lotus Elise will not be buying it as their primary use car, most of the issues are things that should be taken only while comparing to the other aspects of the 2007 Lotus Elise.

  • plain, dull interior decoration
  • hard to get in and out
  • power and performance go up and down
  • tends toward Formula One, not grand touring
  • hard to find a dealer who sells them


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