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2007 Maybach 57 review and picture


The 2007 Maybach 57 has a price tag that creates high expectations, and as well it should, considering that, no matter how much money you have, if you’re going to spend almost four hundred thousand dollars on a car, it ought to be as good as it gets. And the Maybach 57 is good, packed with luxury and speed. But is that enough? Even though the 2007 Maybach 57 comes with plenty of trappings to make it seem worth its price, it is lacking in several areas, including overall visual design, that make it both look and drive like it doesn’t deserve to be worth so much.

That shouldn’t be taken as an outright condemnation of the Maybach 57, though. After all, it has plenty of great things, and I know if somebody tried to give me one, I’d be all over it. For example:

  • extremely full of luxury
  • built with great care
  • more than enough power
  • rides amazingly
  • good handling for a vehicle of its type

But the real question is not whether it’s a good car, but whether it’s good enough, and that decision is up to you to make. With cars at this price, though, it’s hard to find an excuse for them to be lacking anything short of the ability to fly. But the Maybach 57 has several more faults:

  • pricey, to say the least
  • heavy, coming in at three tons
  • doesn’t drive well in traffic due to weight and size
  • lots of ideas and parts stolen ideas from Mercedes-Benz
  • no style


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