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2007 Maybach 62 Review and Pictures

2007 Maybach 62 is a luxury sedan that can seat five passengers. It has four doors.

MSRP: US$386,500
Invoice: Not Listed

What is New in 2007 Maybach 62?
There are no major changes except for a high-performance version.

Sophisticated and exclusive style with the utmost luxury makes 2007 Maybach 62 stand out among similar vehicles. However, it is too huge for normal cruising on roads.

Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options
2007 Maybach 62 is available in single trim of Sedan. Options include rear-seat entertainment system with dual screens, dual exhaust tips, Bluetooth functionality, special choices of exterior and interior colors with carbon fiber trims, and adaptive cruise control.

Powertrains and Performance
2007 Maybach 62 offers standard 543hp 5.5-liter V12 turbo engine with five-speed automatic transmission and overdrive. It delivers 12-mpg in city and 17-mpg on highway.

Interior Design and Special Features
You can customize interiors according to your choice. Bluetooth PC card for laptops, dual-port wireless Internet router, and multipurpose storage area in the rear, and a center console are few available features.

Safety Features
Standard safety measures include stability control, traction control, side airbags for all seats, and side curtain airbags for rear and front.

Driving Impressions
Powerful engine, superb brakes, and immense thrust provide excellent driving pleasure. However, it does not suit normal urban traffic due to its huge size and strong thrust.

Superb craftsmanship, spacious interiors

Too huge and heavy, difficult maneuvering in busy roads

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