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2007 Mazda B Series review and picture


The 2007 Mazda B Series is a sad little truck in that it doesn’t really have anything to offer that somebody else hasn’t already offered, and much better. It’s a relic of compact pick up trucks that doesn’t deserve a place in the rapidly forward moving market of today, and as it falls further and further back, other trucks move even further forward, creating an uncrossable gulf between them. There is no reason in the world to waste your money on the Mazda B Series, not even for the price, which doesn’t even make it a great choice for those who have no other option, because there are other compact pick ups that come this cheap.

What’s so bad about it? Spouting off the whole list would take all day, but we can shorten this to the more salient problems, such as:

  • bumpy, uneven ride makes using the Mazda B series a brain damaging experience
  • little to no room on the interior makes it more reasonable to sit in the pick up bed than in the cabin
  • no trim level in the crew cab body style
  • there isn’t much to offer, neither in trim levels nor in features, and with the higher needs that buyers demand to be assuaged these days, the B Series just doesn’t measure up

To give it some credit, the 2007 Mazda B Series is competent in aspects such as handling, as well as underpinnings, which are ready for the road. But, even though it does make a few additions this model year, they are only in the form of an audio input jack and a standard tire pressure monitor, nothing to really bring the B Series up to date with the rest of the market.


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