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2007 Mazda CX-9


The crossover sports utility vehicle market is not lacking in useful vehicles. Most of the options out there have a lot of positive qualities that make them an excellent choice, and it really takes a lot to actually be considered separate from the competition, and the 2007 Mazda CX9 goes this extra mile. It takes the given characteristics of any crossover SUV, such as utility, and mixes it with amazing design and performance for a combination that is worth your while.

The pros of the 2007 Mazda CX9:

  • performs like a sports car
  • handles great
  • well-designed interior
  • lots of cabin space
  • strongly built
  • fantastic style

But the 2007 Mazda CX9 isn’t all perfect. Like any vehicle that has its positive attributes, it has its drawbacks as well. The CX9 is a new release, though, so it has time to learn and become unbeatable. Meanwhile, though, it does have its downfalls:

  • twenty inch wheels sound like a good idea, but when it comes to driving on concrete freeways, they take the looseness out of the ride
  • the back doors are long, which means that if you park next to another car you’ll have a hard time getting out


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