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2007 Mercedes Benz C Class review and picture


The Mercedes Benz C Class started out at the top of its class of entry level luxury sedan, but as time has passed by and it has only moved forward by baby steps, it has drifted down, closer to the bottom. Regardless of this, the 2007 C Class is still a very competent sedan, and so although it has some drawbacks, its positive aspects should also be considered. It fails when it comes to things like the design of the cabin and how it performs, but it is still a fairly intelligent choice from this market.

Even with its many downfalls, the 2007 Mercedes Benz C Class has many positive qualities that the car buyer should consider first before making a decision for or against:

  • lots of power with the C350 trim level V6 engine
  • long list of luxury features and options

Still, that list is short compared to the list on the opposite end which details where the C Class has fallen short. With minor changes in the year of 2007, it seems that Mercedes Benz hasn’t been learning from the C Class’s rivals in order to make the necessary changes for the C Class to catch up. So what’s wrong with it:

  • not enough space in the backseat area
  • cabin designed in a bland fashion
  • costs more than its rivals while delivering less
  • only comes in one body style, the sedan


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