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2007 Nissan Maxima review and picture


The 2007 Nissan Maxima is a good car. There is very little outwardly wrong with it, and its hard to say bad things about it, because it really isn’t all that bad. But that is the best it will ever be. While the Maxima does enjoy high status in such areas as comfort and luxury, space and performance, it doesn’t do so to the detriment of its competitors–though it does well, the rivals have nothing to worry about from the Maxima because none of its make has challenge to it. Things likre handling and interior design make other options that are available in the sedan class more palatable.

The Good:

  • strong engine in the V6
  • very spacious
  • balanced suspension and handling
  • luxurious

The Bad:

  • slow reaction
  • cheap material
  • no option for manual gearbox

Nothing major has been done for the 2007 model year on the Nissan Maxima, but it does come with a few changes in its make. The continuously variable transmission, called the CVT, is now standard, kicking out the old six speed manual transmission and five speed automatic transmissions from before. The front end has been redesigned and ergonomics bettered. The V6 engine is still powerful, but because of SAE testing it now comes with 10 out on the horsepower end.

A midsize sedan, the 2007 Nissan Maxima comes in two trim levels: the SE and the SL. The SE is the sportiest of the pair, and it comes with:

  • 18 inch wheels
  • Skyview glass paneled roof
  • keyless entry
  • tilt and telescope steering wheel
  • eight speaker sound system

The SL still has something over its brother trim level in the competition: while it may not be as sporty, it’s much more luxurious. It adds:

  • HID headlights
  • 17 inch wheels
  • front seat heaters
  • leather upholstery
  • CD changed

The SE can basically be upgraded to an SL and still keep its sporty features by adding the Sensory Package. Another package is the Preferred Package, which comes with Bluetooth, rear park assist, and a heated steering wheel. Even further with the luxury is the Elite Package, which adds a two passenger rear seat with more comfort, a center console, and a sunshade in the back.


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