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2007 Porsche 911 review and picture


There’ still no denying that the Porsche defines the sports car genre, and that it continues to push itself through the competition to the front with one of its best of all time models, the 2007 Porsche 911. The 911 has everything you could possibly want and expect from a sports car, from incredibly accurate steering to easy acceleration and some of the best, sleekest design on the market.

The Good:

  • accurate steering
  • quick acceleration
  • responsive brakes
  • soothing flat 6 sound
  • high comfort level
  • all wheel drive offered as an option

The Bad:

  • not much room for fuel in tiny tank
  • back seat: for what?
  • options costly

There’s no major rehaul of the 2007 Porsche 911 for the new model year, but some basic and important changes have been made. One of these is the 911 Turbo engine, which went out a couple of years back and now has returned, bringing with it its astonishing 480 horsepower and fantastic acceleration from zero to sixty in three and a half seconds. There’s a new trim level with a sliding glass top, the 911 Targa.

A sporty little number, the 2007 Porsche 911 is available in four trim levels: Carrera, Carrera S, GT3, and Turbo. The base level of the 2007 Porsche 911, the Carrera, comes with the following features standard:

  • 18 inch wheels
  • leather seating
  • auto dimming rearview mirror
  • trip computer
  • automatic climate control
  • full power accessories

The next level up is the Carrera S, which, like the base level, comes in eithere coupe or cabriolet and can get either the option for all wheel drive or that for rear wheel drive. It makes an addition of:

  • sports steering wheel
  • bi-xenon HID headlights
  • 19 inch wheels
  • active suspension management
  • better engine’
  • larger brakes

After the two Carreras come the two Targas, which are exactly similar to their brother trims other than for their trademark sliding glass top. Then is the GT3, which is equipped with a powerful, but not the most powerful, 415 hp engine, as well as:

  • sports seats
  • track tuned suspension
  • fixed rear spoiler
  • 19 inch wheels
  • traction control

Finally, at the top of the line, is the 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo, which adds:

  • 480 hp engine
  • Homelink
  • power seats
  • Bose sound system


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