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2007 Porsche Cayman review and picture


Porsche has always been the dream of people who like sports cars and wish they could get their hands on some of the best of them. The relatively low prices involved in the selling of the 2007 Porsche Cayman might actually make that dream a reality to some of these frugal car shoppers. The Cayman is one of Porsche’s few vehicles in a lower price range, and is also one of the best performing cars that it offers. This small, well designed sports cars is living up to the Porsche history.

The Good:

  • handles best
  • accurate steering
  • well designed
  • plenty of cargo space
  • hard line brakes

The Bad:

  • pricey options
  • confusing controls
  • performance good, but not exceptional

A midengine sports car, the 2007 Porsche Cayman comes available in two trim levels, one of them the base and the other a new addition for the 2007 model year, the Cayman S. The base level of the 2007 Cayman comes with the following features standard:

  • 17 inch alloy wheels
  • cruise control
  • full power accessories
  • trip computer

The next level up, the new Cayman S trim level, adds:

  • larger engine
  • 18 inch wheels
  • nine speaker sound system
  • bigger breaks
  • metallic gauge faces

These cars don’t come very well equipped in standard, which is why things are made especially difficult by the high option costs. There are a lot of options though, including heated seats and a navigation system. There are several packages that can be added on, such as the Sport Chrono package, which improves the suspension and response time.


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