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2008 Dodge Avenger review and picture

When it comes to the mid sized sedan section of the auto industry, the 2008 Dodge Avenger is definitely holding its own. With a tank that knows its way around fuel efficiency and plenty of interior space, this vehicle is a great choice for anybody looking for a car in this class. The design is something that not everybody can like, and it’s definitely the sort of thing that will make you take sides. The inside design isn’t as well done as it is on the outside, and the materials are sub par. Also, it doesn’t drive quite as well as it should, making it a difficult option.

On the highway, it goes silent and smooth, keeping out the noises of wind and blaring horns to make you feel more at home. The R/T trim level is definitely the best option within this model, giving better performance than the other ones and being all around pretty durable. It is very fuel efficient, with little of the cost of maintaining it going into the gas tank. It also is all wired up on the inside, with plenty of electronic technology in the cabin.

The engine, though, does add plenty to the noise factor and lacks in strength, and the wide options for transmissions offered by many vehicles don’t come with the Dodge Avenger. The brakes are weak and the plastic that makes up the interior of the car are cheap and flimsy. The trunk, which tends to be wide on a sedan, is tiny.

The Avenger has been released new all over for the 2008 model year in the class of mid sized sedans. It comes with front wheel drive, making the driving experience much safer, and although the engine may be weak you at least know that you can weather the difficulties. This Stratus replacement has either a four cylinder or a V6 engine, depending on what you choose, though the all wheel drive won’t be added until later in the model year.


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