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2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid review and picture


The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid is one of the very few and far between Hybrid sports utility vehicles on the market today, and that only pushes it to the front of the race, because its small group it excels. Compared to regular SUVs, the Mariner Hybrid isn’t up to scratch in categories such as driving dynamics, but aside from that it is pure SUV. There are many drivers out there who want to drive an environmentally friendly car but also have a fondness for huge, family-packing beast vehicles that tend to guzzle gas and pollute, while also being practical and comfortable. The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid brings you the latter without the former.

The Good:

  • hybrid powertrain makes for great acceleration
  • lots of room in the rear seats
  • great mile per gallon ratio of 30

The Bad:

  • no option for electronic stability control
  • brakes a little tough
  • gas engine makes too much racket
  • doesn’t handle well for a compact SUV

A few changes come with the 2008 model year release of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and some of the most significant are the interior and exterior design, which have been radically refashioned. The roof panel has been taken apart and put back together again with the result of less wind noise, and a cheaper front wheel drive trim level now comes within the model. A few more options have been added, like a DVD based navigation system with touch screen interface and satellite radio. Also come with the new model year are some additions in the features department , including an MP3 player input jack and head and side curtain airbags.

The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid fits into the compact SUV class, and with its four doors and options of either four or all wheel drive, it comes with the following features standard:

  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • leather wrapped steering wheel
  • dual zone automatic climate control
  • cruise control
  • trip computer

The Mariner Hybrid also includes several options, including the Premium package, which brings rear park sensors, roof rack, and heated leather seats, as well as a sound system with seven speakers and a navigation system. If you don’t want to get the whole package, most of those come stand alone, as well as a moon roof and satellite radio.


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