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2008 Smart Fortwo review and picture


The 2008 Smart Fortwo drinks fuel like a connossieur drinks expensive wine. Slowly, tastefully, and only enough to get the main idea. This tank is easy to fill and hard to empty, making the Smart Fortwo one of the most economic cars out there on the market. The main problem, though, is that it’s not very practical and was designed mostly for people who are often stuck in heavy downtown traffic. If you already have another car for other occasions, the 2008 Smart Fortwo might be a great, money saving option for getting to and from work, but as an only car it just doesn’t make sense, and larger cars can be gotten for the same price.

The Good:

  • defines fuel efficiency
  • fits everywhere
  • easy to take around town
  • cute and eye drawing
  • well designed cabin

The Bad:

  • same price as much bigger and more equipped cars
  • so tiny that if you get in a wreck, you will be smushed
  • engine just doesn’t cut it for highways

Not only is the 2008 Fourtwo a new model for this year, but its maker is also a brand new face on the United States auto sales market. That doesn’t mean it’s new to the business or completely unexperienced, but for the time being the Fourtwos are being offered at a limited basis at a few dealerships around the U.S., such as those for Mercedes Benz or United Auto Group.

A subcompact car that comes with two seats, the 2008 Smart Fortwo is available in two body styles of hatchback coupe or cabriolet. The coupe is available in trim levels Pure or Passion, and the base Pure comes with:

  • electric rear window defroster
  • remote entry
  • 15 inch steel wheels
  • leather steering wheel

Next up is the coupe Passion, which adds:

  • sport steering wheel
  • power heated side mirrors
  • panorama glass roof
  • shift peddles

Then, in the cabriolet body style, is the Passion, which also comes with:

  • six disc CD changer
  • manual canvas top

Official crash testing scores have not been taken for the 2008 Smart Fortwo city car, but it has gone through the tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and passed. It comes with antilock brakes, side airbags, safety cell rear and front crush zones, and stability/traction control.


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  • JBH for life

    It is true you can get bigger vehicles for the same amount of money, but equipped with more standard features? I think not. The smart fortwo comes standard with 4 airbags, 2 front, 2 side,the tridion safety cell, which acts like a roll cage in Nascar. It also comes standard with many features that are usually reserved for luxury vehicles. The smart fortwo is ideal for highway use as well as city, it can easily achieve a governed top speed of 91 mph! Believe it or not it is safe too. Check out the website to see the crash test…