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207 Chrysler 300 review with picture

A sedan on the luxury side tends to look a certain way. A little old and crusty, and it also tends to behave a certain way. At a snail’s pace, that is. The 2007 Chrysler 300, however, turns these notions upside down by adding to the category a luxury sedan with style in this model. With its style that is well done and unique, the Chrysler 300 comes with a powerful V8 engine and doesn’t cost as much as other vehicles like it.

It has the appearance of a sculpture and a certain strength about it, the Chrysler 300. With the V8 engines that come in the 300C and SRT8 trim levels, it adds some muscle fiber to your drive. It has a long wheelbase option and an overload of features, both for luxury and safety. Still, in the trim levels that it comes with a V6 it doesn’t accelerate very well and the options offered for transmission style aren’t many. If you aren’t tall, you might have a hard time seeing because the seats are set so low.

In 2007 the Chrysler 300 comes with many alterations from top to bottom. One of these is the bringing in of the model with the long wheelbase. With the W.P. Chrysler Executive Series package, you can increase the length of the wheelbase by six inches. This gives a lot more space to those sitting in the back seat and makes it more comfortable to adults. A handful of new features has been added as well, including

  • high beam headlights
  • eighteen inch chrome clad wheels
  • heated rear seats
  • maintenance reminder
  • extra turn signals
  • adaptive cruise control


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