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93 Honda Civic How Much To Replace Transmission?

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I am looking at a 93 honda civic that has a vtech 2.0L dohc motor in it, but it has some slipping. There are some leeks around one of the cams and in the exhaust, could that be the cause of the slipping?

And if I have to replace the transmission about how much would one cost for that type of motor? I really need help this is my first car and I dont want to get into something that i cant afford.




Hey there Jamie

I would call a few junk yards in your area and get prices for used transmissions, then call a local auto repair shop and see how much labor they will charge you to install this used transmission you will supply them.

That is probably the cheapest way out. You might want to ask when the timing belt was replaced last… should be replaced every 60K miles, and will probably cost you $400-500 for the belt, a water pump….that is driven by the belt and should be replaced at that time, and the cam and crankshaft seals. These are good cars, but the used transmission and timing belt job could be well over $1500 so take that into consideration.


Austin Davis

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