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AARP car insurance discounts

Reader question:

I’ve heard that you can get car insurance discounts through AARP. What kind of discounts are these?


Great question.

A lot can be gained by being an AARP member, and auto insurance discounts is only one of these grate benefits. This organization offers quite a bit to those who join it, and as such it can be a good choice to join up after retirement. Like everybody else, of course, retired folks are interested in saving on car insurance in whatever way they can. Between the ages of 50 and 65, car insurance is at its cheapest, but after that it’s fantastic to be able to take advantage of other ways of making auto insurance cheaper.

AARP Auto Insurance Program is available in only a certain number of states. That is, every state except for Delaware, Louisiana, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The program has been steadily gaining popularity ever since it began. What it offers is an auto insurance discount to any AARP members who complete AARP’s driver’s safety course. There is also a way to take this instructional course over the internet, for those who are members of AARP and those who aren’t. This online version of the program started up in June of 2006, and has been a hit, giving those who are unable to give their time to classes outside of the home a chance to take advantage of this auto insurance discount.


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