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Hey there, thanks for stopping in on my blog page. I like to help out when I can and these 1,900 some odd posts on this site are from reader questions that were emailed to me.  Feel free to comment on those posts or leave a comment on a post for me to reply back to you.

I grew up in the auto repair business and my grandfather started our brick and mortar repair shop in Houston Texas in 1937.  I literally had grease under my finger nails since the day I was born. :)

I am not a “mechanic” per say, I am a business owner and operator. My expertise is knowing when something is wrong, or when it was done right. I can usually tell you what is wrong with a car just by listening to it drive by.

I am not the one who does the actual repairs, but I watch over ALL mechanics like a hawk.  I do so not because I do not trust them (ok, maybe a little) but because I know how humans are, they tend to get lazy and find short cuts. I hate seeing anyone pay for a short cut!

I have written articles for many top periodicals, Maxim magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Market Watch by the Wall Street Journal, Simple Magazine and many many others you have heard of before.

I sold our repair shop in 2007 and have been online 100% ever since, and love it. I can help 10,000’s of people each day now from the comfort of my computer.

I am not much of a Facebook or Twitter kind of guy so if you like my site please share with your online fans and friends…love to help them too.

Everything on this site I do for FREE, and I earn my living with paid advertising like those Ads By Google you see, and if you check your auto insurance from my site….I really appreciate it if you would do that. It would save you money and help me keep the site free for all.

Austin Davis


Austin Davis

Houston, TX

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Austin Davis, consumer car repair advocate. "Hi there! I love to help people solve their car repair problems and I hope my site was helpful to you today. Thank you for stopping by."
  • Eric D Mason

    I have 2005 scion xb I changed the water pump the thermostat and it’s still running hot should I change the radiator

  • Stacy D.

    would like to know about sponsorship program at your site. Pls reach out to me at: trustvin.check@gmail.com