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ABS Brake Light Comes On

Dear Sir
I have a problem with the ABS light on my vehicle. Replaced all pads. Vehicle has four wheel disc brakes. Pads on front driver side were premature in wearing compared to passenger side. Same thing for the rear. Replaced rotor and caliper on rear. ABS light is off at turn on. When you move a few feet forward the ABS light comes on.

Also when you turn left or right after braking a grunting noise is emitted from the rear passenger side wheel housing. Please advise on both situations.


Hi there

I would first start with reading the ABS computer codes and see what codes are being stored in memory. I have seen MANY rear ABS sensor failures on Explorer type vehicles, so that would be a cheap “guess”.

I am not sure about your noise, if it was not there before you installed the pads and rotors, I would say you created it and should triple check your installation and the clearance/drag on the rear brakes against the rotor. You might have to true the new rotor if the pads are not smooth against the rotor surface.


Austin Davis

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