AC Blower Motor Picture – Heater Blower Motor

What does my air conditioner blower motor look like?


Hey Tom, you did not say what kind of vehicle you have but most air conditioner and heater blower motors look and act the same anyway.

Below is a picture of a blower motor and the “cage” attached to it. The cage is the part that looks like……a squirrel cage, thus the name cage. The cage is spun around by the electrical motor and produces the air flow through your dash board (where the blower motor lives) into the cab of the vehicle via the AC vents.

Usually the blower motor is located on the passenger side of the vehicle behind the glove box area. The motor part is also sometimes visible under the hood but the cage part will be inside the dashboard inside the evaporator case.

Sometimes pencils, pens, match books etc. etc fall into the evaporator case via the defrost vents at the top of the dashboard. These items will then come into contact with the spinning cage and cause all kinds of noise inside the dash of the vehicle.

If your blower motor stops working you might want to lightly tap on the motor part you can get to under the hood with the engine running and the blower motor setting on high. This can sometimes jump start a weak blower motor.

If your blower motor only works on the highest setting this is usually because of a faulty blower motor resister which is also inside the dashboard.












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