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A/C Compressor is Very Noisy – Why?

Dear Austin:

My car is in reasonably good condition but has been sitting dormant for several months. Now the air conditioning sounds like it is going to “lift off” after it’s been on a few minutes. Can something just need WD-40? Sounds like it wants to kick-in and was an awesome air con a short time ago….

Thanks, Kathy

Hey there Kathy,

If this noise is coming from under the hood, turn on the a/c with the hood open and the engine running and look at the fan belt, is it jumping up and down? If the belt is bouncing, you might need a new belt tensioner. If the belt is not bouncing around you might have a problem with the a/c compressor clutch .the part of the compressor the belt goes around.

I would visit your friendly local mechanic and let them listen to it for you ..they should do that free of charge and give you an idea of what is wrong. I can assist you with options once you get that done.

If the noise is inside the vehicle and not under the hood, you might have something wrong with the a/c blower fan motor which is in the dashboard. Sometimes things fall down inside the blower, or the blower motor bearings get worn out and cause all kinds of racket inside the car with the fan on this noise would be there with the heater on as well as the a/c.


Austin Davis

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