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AC Compressor Oil – Where and How Much?

Hello, thanks alot for all your help, I have an S10 truck with a v5 compressor that I just replaced. The old one said it took 6oz of oil, do i just put it into the suction side only? I noticed the v5 compressors have a bolt on the bottom if u take it off and look in it appears some oil seeps in there, but not alot.

Does that chamber also need oil? Its a strange compressor. Just want to make sure everything that is supposed get oil has oil. Is it some time of oil reservoir? Just want to make sure, i have never seen that before, seems odd to me, I shined in a small fashlight and i can see parts that look like they may want oil?
thanks for all you help


Howdy Jim,

Here is what my mechanic found in the manual


  • A 2.0L 4cylinder has a V7 compressor
  • A 4.3 L V6 has a HR6 compressor
  • V7 – Only put oil in drain hole 15MM bolt
  • Drain oil from old compressor and measure – must have a minimum of 2.0 oz OR add 1.0 oz to the same old oil in the compressor
  • Total system oil is 9. oz for V7 and 8. oz for HR6

That is all it says, I hope that makes sense to you.


Austin Davis

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