AC Condenser Leaking Freon

I was asked the other day if there was an easy way to tell if the AC condenser in a car was leaking Freon or not.

Actually there is a tell tale sign that is left when there is a Freon leak. Inside the air conditioning system of your car along with the Freon gas is a small amount of compressor oil. This oil keeps the AC compressor lubricated and all the rubber seals in the system pliable so they don’t leak out the Freon gas.

So when there is a leak in the AC system you can sometimes see an oily stain where the compressor oil leaked out. This picture of an AC condenser shows this oil leak stain in the right lower portion of the condenser. The condenser is located in front of the radiator in most vehicles and road debris is usually what causes the most damage to a condenser.

They used to repair condensers in the past but thanks to China and their cheap political prisoner labor force you can buy a new AC condensor pretty cheap.

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