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AC not Cold but Full of Freon

I Have a Honda. I recently was having problems with my air conditioner not blowing cold air, so I took it into a shop specializing in these repairs. They evacuated the system, and topped off the system with oil and r-134a. No leaks either.

After a day or so, It wasn’t blowing cold air. I notice that when the AC button was pushed, the compressor clutch did not move, nor did the condenser fan, and no cool air.

Today I turned on the system and noticed something: when I have the AC set to on, and firmly pressing and holding the air re-circulator button, the clutch and fan both move, and the system seems to function. My question: Is there possibly a bad connection at the button, or a short in this wire? Where exactly does this button locate to? The compressor? Your expertise is willfully and greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi there,

I would be very curious to know if the system was low on Freon again now. If the shop evacuated the system (means to suck out all the old Freon, compressor oil and any contaminates which might be in the system….which you usually only do when the system has been opened or a part was replaced in the system like a compressor…I am assuming they thought the system was low enough on Freon that it warranted evacuating it. Normally if an air conditioning system is low on Freon, you just add and top off with Freon and don’t evacuated the system.

You said the air conditioner worked fine for two days or so after they worked on it and filled the system with Freon. So my question is, is there a Freon leak somewhere they overlooked and is the system low on Freon now? If the system is low on Freon the compressor and the condenser fan will NOT come on…due to a functioning low pressure switch that is doing it’s intended job.

The only thing that IS strange though, is what you are saying you can do to the control head button to make the system work. I have replaced one or two Honda air conditioner control heads (the actual levers and buttons on the dash that control the air and heater) but I must say that is rare.

If you were at my shop ( and I suggest you return to the previous shop for a re-check) I would do this

1. Hook up my air conditioner gauges and see if you have a low Freon problem

2. Check to see you have power going to the compressor clutch and if not back track the power supply to the control panel until you find the problem.

3. Check to make sure the condenser fan is working properly and has power to it….if the electric condenser fan does not come on neither will the compressor.

Keep me posted


Austin Davis

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