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AC Not Cold During Heat of Day

Mr. Davis I hope you can help me with my question. In the morning when I first get into the car the air conditioner will work for up to 15 minutes, then it blows hot air. We had it charged, and it still doesn’t work, the place were we had it charge said it was probably the compressor.

When I was speaking to someone at a dealership about it they said usually if it is the compressor I would be able to hear it, and if it was a leak I would also know considering I just had it charged. But he also said in order to get a estimate I it would cost money. Do you have an suggestions on what it would be and the price ranges? Thank you for your help. Sara


Hi Sara,

I kinda doubt you have a compressor problem…from what you have told me anyway. Air conditioning diagnosis can be tricky, and you really need to have a competent mechanic look into this. Most franchise repair shops like Sears, Firestone, Pep Boys, NTW etc. etc are not going to be able to properly diagnosis this problem.

I would recommend you go to the dealership or a reputable mom and pop repair shop that is trained and licensed to repair air conditioning and let them start from scratch with a diagnosis. Once you get a diagnosis you can call around to other shops to compare prices…but hopefully the original diagnosis will be correct.

I would charge you about $75 labor plus any Freon that might be needed to complete the test if any….Freon is $15 each.

A few things that COULD be happening are.

1. engine is overheating or running hot, which will drastically reduce the air conditioner performance

2. air conditioner is low on Freon or is OVER filled with Freon. Freon is a gas so you can not actually see it with your eyes you have to use a gauge

3. there is a control problem, a switch or blend door inside the dash is not closing properly so outside hot air is getting inside the air conditioner area inside the dashboard. Sometimes the heater door does not completely shut, which allows super hot antifreeze to enter the cold air conditioner section of the dash…drastically increasing temperature.

You can take a pair of pliers and clamp down on both heater hoses under the hood that are going inside the vehicle on the passenger side. This will stop any flow of hot antifreeze and prove the theory.

learn more about the heater hoses here

4. Is the electric cooling fan in front of the radiator/condenser working properly, it has to or the air conditioner will be cold at freeway speeds but not at stops or low speed

Here is an article I wrote about the subject that might help you further

My car air conditioner is not cold

Feel free to contact me again once you get a better diagnosis.

Austin Davis

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