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A/C Only Blows On High Speed


I have a Nissan Pathfinder XE and the climate control only works on high. Any ideas?



Hello Charles

You mean the a/c blower motor only blows on high speed? If so, you probably have a bad a/c blower resister, which you have to buy from the dealer. Ask them to give you a print out of the location of the resister behind the dashboard, IF you want to try to replace it yourself. It can be a tricky replacement.


Austin C. Davis

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  • thomas sannicandro

    hi AUSTIN,
    i have a 1998 ford ranger with 3.0 motor..2 things,my fan switch only works on high as of yesterday, is it just the switch or somthing passenger door warning light keeps getting stuck on.i close it a couple of times and the light goes off,i hear it switch and its off i also hear the same kind of noise comming from under the dash at same time!!can you advise?

    Hey there,   Sound like you have a bad a/c blower resister for your fan speed problem, and probably a bad door jam switch on one of the doors for the  warning light and noise.