A/C Shuts Down And Engine Races

Hi, I have a little challenge with my car A/C. When I drive with the A/C switch on, I observe the engine racing up & down itself & at that point the A/C will stop cooling after some time it will return back to cooling. This usually occur in the afternoon when the temperature is high

pls how do I solve this problem.

Hi there,

I would first check to see if the engine is overheating.

1. Check coolant level inside the radiator

2. Check the electric cooling fan up near the radiator/condenser (fan should be ON when the A/C compressor is ON)

3. Check thermostat operation

4. Check for restriction in the radiator

The engine could be idling faster because it is trying to cool itself down. The on board computer will start to shut off all non essential items like the air conditioner to help cool down the engine and reduce the load placed on the engine.

The A/C will not be cold if the engine is overheating.


Austin Davis

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